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Always Cala d'Arconte was chosen for its intimate setting and at the same time welcoming and familiar, but also as a place of creation and meditation.

Artists have spent months working, under the cool shade of trees or hidden areas and wild, and some works are still exhibited in public areas of the resort.

During the summer of 2011 we decided to give a clear artistic setting by activating a studio drawing, painting and modeling and providing, among our services, availability and to introduce our customers to follow the testing of various techniques and materials, the discovery of world of art and creativity.

The studio is open, under the pine forest that overlooks the sea and is available all day and all day free.

This originates from the mid-August 2011 dedicated to creativity in its various expressions and art forms.
During that period our customers were invited to express themselves in writing, apparel and participate in sessions of painting and sculpture.

Artists have performed impromptu painting and live music, interacted with customers, making them an active part in the execution of the works, and have accompanied them, and directed to artistic experimentation.

Furthermore, as a deepening and a stimulus, was presented a mini-documentary film festival of contemporary art: "Artecinema" version under the summer stars curated by gallery owner Laura Trisorio.

Thus was born Cala d'ARTconte, our " artists' resort ".