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Villaggio Alberghiero Cala d'Arconte
Contrada Arconte, 9
84059 - Marina Di Camerota, SA
Ph. +39 0974 932339

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Highway Salerno - Reggio Calabria: exit Battipaglia
S.S.18 dir. Vallo della Lucania
exit Poderia and follow direction to Marina di Camerota.
By Train: Pisciotta-Palinuro Station.


Camerota’s ancient stone houses, around 400 metres above sea level, rise up from the headland. This is the place to come if you want to buy some traditional terracotta or visit the market, where you can pick up local produce.
Marina di Camerota, on the opposite side of the port, lies within the ancient fishermen’s district. This beautifully preserved area is full of small streets and alleys, and has a lovely seafront and decorated harbour for tourists.


You can take boat excursions along the coast to discover the numerous grottos and mortises that lead up to the famous Porto Infreschi.